A Child’s History of the World (Part 2, for HBL C)

A Child’s History of the World (Part 2)

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Please, please let me know if you find any broken links, mistakes, or incorrect info, so I can update them, and share any cool resources you can find so I can add them for others to use on their homeschool journey.  

Chapter 43: 

Coloring Page

Video about St. Simeon Stylites (9.5 minutes) 

Illuminated Letter Craft

The Secret of Kells movie (80 minutes) (as suggested in IG, but pre-watch for sensitive children, as it might have some questionable content for your family). 

An alternate view of the Book of Kells (6.5 minutes)

What Was Monk Life Like (4 minutes) (Suggested by Courtney W)

Chapter 44: 

Coloring Page

Augustine of Hippo video (9 minutes)

St. Augustine video (3.5 minutes) 

Worksheets about Monks and Monasteries

Chapter 45: 

Coloring Page

Movie: Muhammad, The Last Prophet (90 minutes)

Ramadan recipes

The 5 Pillars of Islam (2.5 minutes) (Suggested by Courtney W)

Chapter 46: 

Coloring Page

10 Muslim Inventions (7.5 minutes)

Astrolabe Craft

The History of Coffee (5 minutes) (Suggested by Courtney W)

Chapter 47:

Coloring Page

Charlemagne Movie, animated (80 minutes)

Charlemagne Crown craft

Chapter 48:

Coloring Page

Who Was Alfred the Great (9 minutes)

King Alfred and the Cakes (5 minutes) (Suggested by Courtney W)

Make Candle Clocks

Chapter 49: 

Coloring Page

Medieval apocalyptic artwork in a museum. (note: they mention that John of Patmos was not the same as the Apostle John) (note: authentic artwork contains mild nudity, so use caution with your more sensitive students). It briefly mentions the “wh*re” of Babylon from Revelation 17:5 as a part of the artwork, but so briefly, my girls didn’t even notice, and the picture didn’t focus on her. Typically, at that point, I would discard the video, but sadly, it is in the Bible; although the version we use words it differently, and if you visit the exhibition at the museum, which they mentioned was in Kentucky, you will see it there, or in any books showing the works of the famous artist Albrecht Durer. Much of the artwork was very beautiful and not too scary considering the topic). (10 minutes). If you have a better video, let me know, please. 


Info on Illuminated Letters and how to make them; You can use gold crayons, gold and silver gel pens, or glitter pens to create the gold effect.  

Chapter 50: 

Coloring Page

The Middle Ages and Castles (4.5 minutes)

What is a Castle (7.5 minutes) 

Extra Book: See Inside Castles

If you have a Medieval Times in your area, this might be time for a visit.  

Chapter 51:

Coloring Page

Jousting (4 minutes)

Knights Lapbook

Chapter 52:

Coloring Page

A Brief History of the Normans (2 minutes) (uses the word “damn”)

William the Conqueror (9 minutes)

Interview with Harold and William (4 minutes)

Draw William the Conqueror

Chapter 53: 

Coloring Page

The Crusades (10 minutes)

Chapter 54: 

Coloring Page

King Richard and Blondel (9.5 minutes)

Crusader Helmet Craft

Chapter 55: 

Coloring Page

Geography of Medieval Africa (11 minutes)

Mansa Musa (12 minutes)
Mansa Musa Word Search

Chapter 56: 

Coloring Page

Cathedrals in Color (5 minutes)

How Stained Glass is Made (5 minutes) (Suggested by Courtney W.)

What is Gothic Architecture (5 minutes) 

Stained Glass Crafts

Chapter 57:

Coloring Page

The Story of the Magna Carta (13.5 minutes)

A Story about King John (14 minutes)

What is the Magna Carta (Suggested by Courtney W.)

We found this Leprechaun Craft to be a great King John craft

Chapter 58: 

Coloring Page

Genghis Khan (11 minutes)

Chapter 59: 

Coloring Page

Marco Polo (3 minutes)

Make Spice Paintings

Chapter 60:

Coloring Page

Bone of Arc (Wishbone episode about Joan of Arc (27 minutes)

Joan of Arc (2 minutes)

Joan of Arc (5 minutes) (Suggested by Courtney W.)

Joan of Arc Puppet Show

Chapter 61:

Coloring Page

How a Gutenberg Press works (7 minutes)

A Gutenberg Bible (3 minutes)

Assorted printmaking crafts

Kids using a Gutenberg Press (Superbook Show) (9 minutes) (Suggested by Courtney W.)

Chapter 62:

Coloring page

Christopher Columbus (5 minutes)

Columbus (Horrible Histories) (3 minutes)

Columbus Cartoon Episode (23 minutes)

Intro to the Age of Exploration (Suggested by Courtney W.) (3.5 minutes)

Columbus Themed Crafts

Chapter 63:

Coloring Page

Ferdinand Magellan’s Voyage (6 minutes)

Animaniacs Ballad of Magellan (3 minutes)

Ferdinand Paper Dolls (and Paper Boats)

Chapter 64: 

Coloring Page

Hernando Cortes and Moctezuma (4.5 minutes)

Aztec Headdress Craft

Chapter 65:

Coloring Page

Ibn Battuta (4.5 minutes)
The Amazing Travels of Ibn Battuta book

Chapter 66: 

Coloring Page

Leonardo da Vinci (3 minutes)

Renaissance Song (3 minutes)

Raphael (13 minutes)



Chapter 67: 

Coloring Page

Martin Luther (5 minutes)

Martin Luther (Stopmotion Playmobil) (4.5 minutes) Suggested by Courtney W. 

Martin Luther Finger Puppets

Other leaders of the Protestant Reformation

Chapter 68:

Coloring Page

Lady Jane Grey (Horrible Histories, comes with an automatic warning) (3 minutes)

The Spanish Armada (Horrible Histories) (3 minutes)

The Tudors Song (Horrible Histories) (2 minutes) (Suggested by Courtney W.)

Bloody Mary (3 minutes)

Chapter 69:

Coloring Page

A Midsummer’s Night Dream Picture Book read aloud (14 minutes)

Shakespeare and his Plays (8 minutes)

Horrible Histories, Shakespeare (3.5 minutes)

Hands-on Shakespeare crafts for kids

Chapter 70:

Coloring page

King James (5 minutes)

“Translating” a verse from the Bible activity for kids (Featuring Kate and Mack) 

It’s a New World Song (Horrible Histories) (3.5 minutes) (Suggested by Courtney W.)

Virtual Tour of Jamestown (6.5 minutes) (Suggested by Courtney W.)

Children Explore Jamestown (4 minutes)

Chapter 71:

Coloring Page

The Execution of Charles I (14.5 minutes) (warning: as per title, talks a LOT about execution)

Horrible Histories English Civil War (4 minutes, HH warning)

Horrible Histories Cromwell bans (2 minutes) (Suggested by Courtney W.)

Oliver Cromwell (8.5 minutes)

Chapter 72: 

Coloring Page

Louis XIV (Suggested by Courtney W.) (3 minutes)

Cardinal Richelieu 3 minutes)

Chapter 73:

Coloring Page

Peter the Great Meets Charles XII of Sweden (around the 10:30 mark, it turns into an interview about the band that sang the songs in the video, which I would personally skip)

Peter the Great (also found in the book Peter the Great) (5 minutes)

Chapter 74: 

Coloring Page

Life of Maria Theresa (warning: does contain the phrase, “For God’s Sake,” where I’m not totally convinced they were actually referring to God, but I am an optimist and choose to think they might have been, at the 2:13 mark.) (6 minutes)

The 7 Year’s War in 5 Minutes (Suggested by Courtney W.) (4 minutes)
Don Quixote (7 minutes)

Chapter 75: 

Coloring Page

We are Never, Ever Getting Back Together Again Parody (4.5 minutes)

Washington’s War movie (20 minutes)

American Revolution (Schoolhouse Rock) (3 minutes) (Suggested by Courtney W.)

Chapter 76:

Coloring Page

The Palace at Versailles (7 minutes)

What Caused the French Revolution (5.5 minutes)

The French Revolution (Crash course, mentions beheadings and briefly references mistresses) (15.5 minutes)

How to Pronounce La Marseillaise (1 minute) (Suggested by Courtney W.)

French National Anthem (5 minutes) (Suggested by Courtney W.)

The French Revolution (3 minutes) (Suggested by Courtney W.)

Horrible Histories: Bastille Day (3 minutes) (Suggested by Courtney W.) (HH warning)

Bastille Day Crafts

Chapter 77:

Coloring Page
Napoleon (3.5 minutes)

Napoleon Song (3 minutes)

Chapter 78: Part 1 (of 2)

Coloring page

Why The Spanish Empire Went Bankrupt Mining Too Much Silver (3 minutes)

Haitian Revolution (9 minutes)

Toussaint Louverture (3.5 minutes) (Suggested by Courtney W.)

Haitian Revolution (12 minutes) (has a few harsh topics, might want to pre-watch)

Chapter 78: Part 2 (of 2)

Coloring page

Simon Bolivar (3.5 minutes)

Simón Bolívar, an American Liberator (3.5 minutes) (Suggested by Courtney W.)

Mexican Independence Day (No, it’s not Cinco de Mayo!) (3.5 minutes) (Suggested by Courtney W.)

Mexican War of Independence (5 minutes)

Chapter 79:

Coloring Page

Panpipes Craft for kids


Edison Phonograph (1.5 minutes)

Guido d’Arrezo (4 minutes)

How a Piano Works (5 minutes)

Handel (6 minutes)

Playing an Italian Clavichord (2 minutes)

Silent monks “singing” the Hallelujah chorus from Handel’s Messiah (4 minutes)

Same song as a flashmob in a mall (I like this one because they are declaring Jesus LORD loudly in public). (5 minutes)

Full version of the song (2 hours, 17 minutes) (will likely contain several passages your child recognizes)

Meet Bach (4.5 minutes)

Meet Beethoven (2.5 minutes)

Fur Elise (1.5 minutes)

Handel vs. Mozart (2.5 minutes) (Suggested by Courtney W.)

Chapter 80: Part 1 (of 4)

Coloring Page

Queen Victoria (10.5 minutes) 

More About Queen Victoria (7 minutes) (Suggested by Courtney W.)

Horrible Histories: Queen Victoria (3 minutes)

Florence Nightingale movie (25 minutes)

Florence Nightingale (Horrible Histories, might wish to pre-watch) (4 minutes) (Suggested by Courtney W.)

Horrible Histories Florence Nightingale vs. Mary Seacole (oft-ignored nurse of the Crimean war) (HH warning) (3 minutes)

The Charge of the Light Brigade (3.5 minutes) (warning: does show some battle scenes, might wish to pre-watch)

Chapter 80: Part 2 (of 4)

Coloring Page

Commodore Perry (8.5 minutes)

Chapter 80: Part 3 (of 4)

Coloring Page

American Civil War (Horrible Histories) (3 minutes)

The Civil War (12 minutes)

Civil War craft for homeschool

Chapter 80: Part 4 (of 4)

Coloring Page

Abraham Lincoln bio (4 minutes)

Abraham Lincoln: “Everybody Loves Abraham Lincoln” | SUNG HISTORY (2.5 minutes) (Suggested by Courtney W.)

Lincoln Penny Craft (Suggested by Courtney W.)

Lincoln craft

Chapter 81: 

Coloring Page

Napoleon III (5.5 minutes) (might want to pre-watch, borderline appropriateness)

The Franco-Prussian War (6.5 minutes)

Garibaldi hands southern Italy to Victor Emmanuel (3 minutes)

Rome, Italy: Victor Emmanuel II Monument – Rick Steves’ Europe Travel Guide – Travel Bite(Suggested by Courtney W.)

Chapter 82: 

Coloring Page

The Mechanics Behind Steam Engines (3.5 minutes)

How a Steam Engine Works (3 minutes)

Transportation Revolution (12 minutes)

Inventions in America (10.5 minutes)

Chapter 83:

Coloring Page

Industrial Revolution (4.5 minutes)

Child labor in the Industrial Revolution (4 minutes)

BP Industrial Revolution(Suggested by Courtney W.)

Chapter 84:

Coloring Page

Horrible Histories The Start of World War I (2.5 minutes)

A Plethora of World War 1 activities for children

Chapter 85: Part 1 of 2

Coloring page

The Treaty of Versailles (3 minutes)

League of Nations (9 minutes)

Chapter 85: Part 2 of 2

Coloring page

The Great Depression (12 minutes)

Franklin D. Roosevelt (3 minutes)

Kit Kittredge movie (American Girl, Great Depression) (100 minutes)

Chapter 86:

Coloring Page

Mussolini (2 minutes) (Warning: PLEASE pre-watch or do not watch after 1:45 due to showing hanging bodies)

The Holocaust (5 minutes) 

The Story of Aharon Barak: A Holocaust Story (Animated)

Leo & Layla’s History Adventures with Winston Churchill

Chapter 87: 

Coloring Page

World War II for Kids | A world war 2 crash course for kids

Ration Cakes activity

Chapter 88:

Coloring Page

United Nations – explained l CBC Kids News

Story of The A Mahatma Called Gandhi In English Talking Before Sleep For Kids

Chapter 89: 

Coloring Page

What is Communism?

The Cold War Explained In 15 Minutes | Best Cold War Documentary

Chapter 90: 

Coloring Page

What Caused The Korean War


Chapter 91:

Coloring Page

The life of Louis Pasteur

Charles Steinmetz | The Henry Ford’s Innovation Nation

Xavier Riddle READ ALONG | I am Albert Einstein | PBS KIDS

Dr. Charles R Drew | Fun Facts | Black History | Biography for Students | Inventors


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