And the Word Came With Power by Joanne Shetler

And the Word Came With Power by Joanne Shetler

And the Word Came with Power - Joanne Shelter with Patricia Purvis — Wycliffe New Zealand

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I really hate to suggest too much for these types of books because I feel the prayer/missions themes are stronger if they originate from the child themselves, which always makes these books a challenge to do.  

Chapter 1: Don’t Let Her Die

Chapter 2: I Let My Dream Die!

  • Draw a Picture of Your Future Life

Chapter 3: An Isolated Sand Bar

Chapter 4: What Have We Gotten Ourselves Into?

  • This chapter includes several meal recipes, since there isn’t much food in the rest of the book you might wish to spread a few options out over a few days and compare/contrast. 
    • Enjoy Mangoes and Cokes
    • Soft Rice (by soft rice, all I can find is fluffy white rice, probably overcooked) with Vienna Sausages or Hard Rice (it looks like this would be one type of “hard” rice) with Vegetable Soup
    • Black Beans with Canned Mackerel
    • Cold Rice Wrapped in Banana Leaves with hard-boiled eggs
  • Town Mentioned in Book: Nantonin (Balangao represents the teal section towards the center of the map shown at the beginning). You can see a lot of the culture such as the rice terraces, mountains, and villages. It also mentions Dr. Robespierre Lim and the helicopter crash, and the author of this book Joanne Shetler, along with some photographs of them. 

Chapter 5: I’ll Be Your Father

Chapter 6: Sacrifices and Spirits

  • Most people believe in some omens, not just the Balangaos. Here is a long list of omens, see how many your children have heard of before.  

Chapter 7: I Wish I Could Know God

Chapter 8: You Might Get Lonely

Chapter 9: My Child, It’s Impossible

Chapter 10: Of Babies and Ambassadors

Chapter 11: Where Do We Go When We Die?

Chapter 12: A Church is Born

Chapter 13: This is War!

Chapter 14: Victory!

Chapter 15: Of Locusts and a Helicopter Crash

  • Make a list of things you forget to pray for

Chapter 16: Facing God

Chapter 17: Changes

Chapter 18: Is This a Taste of Heaven

Chapter 19: A Gift from God

  • How to do Infant CPR Baby First Aid and CPR (Note: She refers to calling 000 and 112, but in the US, 911 covers both of those situations)

Chapter 20: Reaching Out to Judea

Chapter 21: Pushing to Finish

Chapter 22: At Last–The Book! 

Chapter 23: Epilogue


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