Time Traveler Supplements List (Entire Book)

Fast and Easy Extension Activities for the Usborne Time Traveler by Tony Allen et. al. 

Usborne Time Traveler: Hindley, Judy, Wingage, Philippa, Cartwright,  Stephen, Goffe, Toni

Lots of crafts, games, toys, activities, projects, crafts, videos, songs, coloring pages, and more.  Enjoy! (contains affiliate links) 

P 2-3

P 4-5

P 6-7

P 8-9

P 10-11

P 12-13

P 14-15

P 16-17

P 18-19

P 20-21

P 22-23

P 24-25

P 26-27

  • Coloring Page
  • Horrible Histories Crusades (3 minutes) (I’ve tried hard to find a “clean” video about the crusades, and surprisingly, Horrible Histories is among the best. Warning: There is a brief reference to cannibalism at 1:51). 

P 28-29

P 30-32

P 34-35

  • Coloring Page
  • There is a TV show called Vic the Viking, based on an even older Japanese show called Vicky the Viking. Both series have 78 episodes, and I have not watched any beyond the ones I linked here for content, but if your children want to watch Viking shows that are more fun than educational…. There is also a Vic the Viking movie or two. 
  • For older children or those who want more readers or read-alouds, the Viking Quest series is incredible. It combines Viking Historical Fiction through the story of two children who are captured by Vikings and have to use their faith to help them each find their own way home.  

P 36-37

P 38-39

P 40-41

P 42-43

P 44-45

P 46-47

P 48-49

P 50-51

P 52-53

P 54-55

Silver and Gold

The Vikings loved silver and gold, and both the men and women wore jewelry. Children can create replica Viking jewelry by cutting circles from metallic silver and gold craft paper. Glue these circles to a thin foam strip cut to fit the child’s wrist as a bracelet. The silver and gold medallions can be further decorated with glitter glue.

Viking Coins

Vikings used coins for trading. Children can create “coins” from silver and gold craft aluminum foil. Using a stylus, children can emboss symbols onto the foil. Then, cut out the foil into circular shapes. For added stability, first, cut circles from cardboard. The children can cut the foil coins larger than the cardboard ones and fold the foil around the cardboard base.

Create pouches for the coins by folding sheets of brown felt in half and stitching around two sides. Use a piece of twine to tie the pouch shut (treasure safely inside).

P 56-57

P 58-59

P 60-61

P 62

P 63-64

P 67

I figure this is a great spot to list some Roman toys and games you might be interested in 

Playmobil Colosseum

Playmobil Roman Chariot

Roman Architect Set

Roman Building Block Set

Ancient Rome SuperTube

Roman Toy Soldiers

Usborne Roman Sticker Book

Ancient Roman Game 

P 68-69

How to Build a Model of a Roman Road Activity

P 70-71

A video simulation of Ancient Rome (14 minutes) 

P 72-73

Make a Roman Villa

How to Drape a Roman Toga (2 minutes) 

P 74-75

A video showing various Roman Games your child can play today. (5 minutes) 

P 76-77

Make Roman Clay Coins

P 78-79

A CNN news article about a recently discovered hidden Roman Bathhouse (1 minute)

P 80-81

A reenactment of a Roman Chariot Race (2.5 minutes) 

P 82-83

Instructions on making a Roman mosaic (without plaster)


Here’s a homeschooling family and how they enjoyed putting on a Roman feast.

P 86-87

Watch old-fashioned olive pressing (2 minutes) (I couldn’t find a good, short one from Ancient Rome, so this one is about they made it at ancient Nazareth. 


Pickled grape recipe (since I just found out today that making olive oil is a messy process that requires fresh olives)

P 88-89

How to draw a Roman Soldier (35 minutes, but at 22 minutes, they turn to opening mail of drawings of things other children have submitted) 

P 90-91

A Day in the Life of a Roman Soldier (5 minutes) 

P 92

Your child might enjoy trying to make a map of their own. The map can be of whatever they want, even someplace imaginary. This Lego map can be used as inspiration, and ordinary household objects and toys can be added to spice it up.  

P 93

Barbarians (4.5 minutes) 

P 98-99

Egyptian Paper Dolls, style 1 (male and female)

Ancient Egyptian Life Sticker Book ($1.99, Amazon, associate link)


Paper Dolls, style 2 (the first page is female Egyptian, other pages can be used for different cultures)


More of Paper Dolls, style 2 (man, first page again) 


Paper Dolls, Style 3 (female only)


P 100-101

Nile River craft


Nile River video (1 minute)

P 102-103

Farming in Ancient Egypt video (2 minutes)


I realize this page doesn’t exactly call for a shaduf, but it is one way they got Nile river water for their crops, and it looks fun to make anyway. Here are several ideas.

P 104-105

Brick-making craft


A slideshow of assorted Egyptian houses made by children might inspire your child to make something similar.  

P 106-107

Have an Ancient Egyptian Feast


Try wine stomping for yourself. Get a few bunches of grapes, place them in a bucket, and let your child stomp away. Afterward, you can enjoy freshly stomped grape juice in your Egyptian feast.  

P 108-109

A Day in the Life of an Egyptian Priest video (1.5 minutes)

P 110-111

Making Papyrus Craft (without real papyrus)


Ancient Egyptian Education video (3 minutes)


Type in Hieroglyphics

P 112-113

A look at how the pyramids were built (with a joke at the beginning about aliens) (5.5 minutes)


Inclined Plane song (1.5 minutes)

P 114-115

A look at various boats in ancient Egyptian times. (5 minutes)


An activity of sorts to teach bartering. It says for 4-8 people, but I’m sure you can use the cards with only 2-3 people. 

P 116-117

A Day in the Life of a Pharaoh (8.5 minutes) (video on this one can be kind of creepy-looking for some children at times, so you might want to watch it with your child)

P 118-119

A look at Egyptian warfare (has four different videos about warfare)

P 120-121

Not totally on topic, but kinda, and still interesting to look at a pharaoh’s boat


P 122-123

Video about the Book of the Dead (name should be warning enough) (4.5 minutes)

P 124-128

These pages are mostly review, so I can’t find a lot that I haven’t already covered that’s child-friendly. I will very hesitantly suggest here Horrible Histories: Awful Egyptians as a type of review. However, it does not come without a few warnings, so please use your own discretion. It’s not for every family.  


Tut Tut: Time Warp Trio video (22 minutes)


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