Tiger Boy by Mitali Perkins

Tiger Boy by Mitali Perkins

Tiger Boy: Perkins, Mitali

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Chapter 1

A look at the Sunderbans

Go Swimming

Make a poster of the characters to help keep all the names straight. Write out all the names of each person on a large posterboard, regular sheet of paper, or a dry-erase board that can be used all week, with lots of space around each name. Have your child write or draw different things to help remember who that person is. For example, Neel is the main character; he’s struggling with math (you can draw a math problem with the wrong answer), he’s supposed to be home studying (you can draw a desk or some books), he would rather be fishing (draw a fish), and so on.  

Tiger Boy official activity guide

Chapter 2

Mangrove Diorama

Idiom Practice

Chapter 3

Cyclones damage in the Sunderbans

Chapter 4

Sundari Trees

Golpata Trees

Better photo of Golpata trees

Video of the Sunderbans, where you can see plenty of both kinds of trees

Chapter 5

Foundation for Sunderbans schools (I have never heard of this before and have not verified it, but there is a video at the bottom of the page that I found interesting). 

Birds of the Mangroves coloring page

Chapter 6

Have a meal of lentils, rice, spinach, potatoes, eggs, and tea

Mangrove Diorama in Lego


Tiger lapbook

Have a meal of Cauliflower and Potato Curry, or try the Rohu (or alternate) fish with black pepper, turmeric, cauliflower, and potatoes

Chapter 8

Create a map of your neighborhood. Here’s a simple map-making video to get ideas for how to start. 

Chapter 10

Create an obstacle course at home. Place a treasure at the end to make it even more fun. Here are some ideas if you want to do a different type of obstacle course or if you have limited space.  

Watch a video about baby tigers. Please be aware that it shows the live birth at the beginning, so you should use it with caution. Here’s a shorter version without the delivery. Here’s a really cute one, but it starts out by mentioning their mother abandoned them.  

Chapter 11

Rice thali recipe

Chapter 12

A look at some of the issues affecting the Sunderbans (does mention man-eating tigers, but also says it’s because their habitat is being eroded). 

Chapter 13

Tiger Coloring Pages

Chapter 14

The women saving the Sunderbans

Chapter 15

Baby tigers in the wild

Chapter 16

Play some math games (I tried to stay away from apps and subscription programs and things that had you log in for this)

Chapter 17

Make Rosgogolla (Rasgulla)

Make assorted flowers and create garlands

Create an award, and give it to someone


There is an audiobook version. 

There is not a sequel, but the author has many other great books. Rickshaw girl will be used in a later level.   

Some tiger movies:

The Jungle Book (although it takes place in central India, not the Sunderbans)
Two Brothers (see movie review)
The Tigger Movie

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