Gooney Bird Greene

Gooney Bird Greene by Lois Lowry

Fun and easy extension activities for Gooney Bird Greene, including crafts, art, and projects.

Gooney Bird Greene (Gooney Bird Greene, 1): Lowry, Lois, Thomas, Middy: 9780544225275: Books - Amazon




  • Look up the name of your town to find other places with the same name
  • Ham sandwiches and iced tea
  • Talk about how your family came to live where they are (or, if they’ve been there for a few generations or you don’t know the story, tell about a time you traveled or something unique about growing up where you lived)
  • The 8-step Tango


  • Play Monopoly or any fun board game
  • Basic ballet moves
  • Visit an ice cream shop or have ice cream at home




  • Have your child write and present a story of their own. They can record it or do a live presentation in person or online with family and friends. Have them try to do an absolutely true story about their life, and present it in a fun and interesting way.  
  • Food mentioned: grapefruit, cucumber, dill pickles, and gumballs
  • How to dance the tarantella


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