Lulu and the Dog from the Sea by Hilary McKay

Fast and Easy Extension Activities for Lulu and the Dog from the Sea by Hilary McKay

More fast crafts, projects, and activities for another book from Sonlight’s HBL K program. Organized by chapter.  


Chapter 1: The Cottage by the Sea

Using scraps of colored paper and random art supplies from around the house, create a picture of your favorite pet (or stuffed animal).

Build your own kite

Chapter 2: The Dog from the Sea

Have your child practice storytelling from another point of view. Whether they tell what might happen next to the dog from the sea or one of the puppies, or another story about another animal, or even retell the same story, they will be practicing good storytelling skills. 

Chapter 3: Sunday

Try rock painting or have your child gather some small pebbles (marbles, polished stones, etc) and make pictures and patterns with them.  

Have some races.

Go for a nature walk. 

Chapter 4: Monday and Tuesday

Practice hair brushing skills.

Draw rainbow seagulls

Chapter 5: Wednesday

Play frisbee.

Blow bubbles.

Chapter 6: Thursday and Friday

Go for a run. 

Practice first aid for cuts/sprains

After the Book

There are several other Lulu books to be enjoyed.

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