Charlotte’s Web by E. B. White

Fast and Easy Extension Activities for Charlotte’s Web by E. B. White

Charlotte's Web ( Trophy Newbery ) Cover

Rather than try to find a bunch of activities by chapter, as I usually do, there is already so much good stuff out there about Charlotte’s Web that I figured I would just add a variety of resources to pick and choose from. 



Free Lapbook

Teachers Pay Teachers also has lapbooks that look really nice, but not free. 



Variety of fun activities

More Ideas



Sensory Items and Games


Coloring Pages

Advanced Coloring Pages

Assorted Coloring Pages


“Paper Doll” style printables

Not a lot of the animals, but Fern and Wilbur

Cutouts of the animals


Snacks and Recipes

Pretzel Spider Webs


Movie Night Snacks


Videos, Audiobooks, and Extra Books

Charlotte’s Web 1973, Available on Hulu, Paramount, Prime, etc. 

Charlotte’s Web 2: Wilber’s Great Adventure, 2003

Charlotte’s Web (2006)


Extra books by author: (list includes affiliate links)

Stuart Little

The Trumpet of the Swan

Wilbur’s Adventure, a Picture Book from the chapter where Wilbur escapes

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