A Grain of Rice by Helena Clare Pittman from Sonlight’s HBL K Program

More fast and easy crafts, projects, and ideas to go with the book A Grain of Rice from Sonlight’s HBL K program. 

Page 1: Make a Chinese fan

Page 5: Make an inflatable heart with major veins and arteries to go with Pong Lo’s heart joke. 


Page 9: Clean out a storeroom in your house with your child.  Wash and polish the surfaces.

Page 11: Teach your child how a grocery list works. Put your child in charge of noticing when things are almost empty so they can be added to the list. 

Page 15: Make a meal together that requires chopping and fragrant smells, such as an aromatic soup. 

Page 28: Create a “potion” or “medicine” that can cure bad moods at your house. It might be as simple as a tea made from boiling cinnamon sticks, or other form of tea.  Whenever people in your house are in a bad mood, stop what you’re doing, have some tea together, and watch bad attitudes melt away with the connection and the break.  

Page 32: Give your child a grain of rice.  Talk about how much it is worth on its own, how powerful it is, and how much it can do.  

Page 36: Practice doubling rice.  Grab a bag of rice, and have your child put a grain of rice on a plate.  Have them place two on the next, four on a third, and so on.  Have them see how quickly the rice piles get much bigger before they get bored.  Then, make art with the rice.

Page 53: Pong Lo has to do something with all his rice.  Try making foam or felt “bean” bags with rice. 

Page 63: Make a new rice recipe. Rice paper, rice cakes, rice noodles….

Page 66: Try another new recipe.  Suggestions from the book include bean soup, bean curd, bean paste, sprouted beans, pressed duck, steamed dumplings, fish with millet, pheasant with millet, barley cakes, barley candies, wheat noodles, potato noodles, corn noodles, fried noodles. 


Have fun!

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