Mountain Born

Mountain Born by Elizabeth Yates

Fast and Easy Extension Activities, crafts, projects, and more for Mountain Born from Sonlight HBL B.

Chapter 1

Video of a modern-day saving of a baby lamb that’s hypothermic and can’t eat (caution: everything goes well, but it does talk about how sometimes the lambs die, so more sensitive viewers might find that info hard). 

Chapter 2

Assorted lamb coloring pages

Chapter 3

Sheep Lapbook ($3.00)

Chapter 4

Mountain Coloring Pages

Sheep Shearing Video (Montessori) 

Chapter 5

How to Draw a Sheep

Another Sheep Drawing Video

Chapter 6

How to Draw a Wolf

Chapter 7

King David Crafts for Kids

Sheep Crafts for Kids

Chapter 8

Video on carding and spinning wool (and other info) 


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A Place for Peter 

Once in the Year (a Christmas Story. Warning: This is based on the idea that once a year, animals can talk to humans) 

Other books by Elizabeth Yates (warning, a few of these books are in other levels, such as The Journeyman, Sarah Witcher, and The Journeyman). 

Disney once did a movie about Mountain Born in black and white in 1972. It was an episode of The Wonderful World of Disney, season 18, episode 10. This movie is tough to find online, but you might be able to get a copy through your library. I’m hoping eventually Disney adds it to their Disney Plus rotation. 

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