Little Pear

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Little Pear by Eleanore Frances Lattimore

Paperback Little Pear Book

Chapter 1

I was trying to find a good video of ancient China that showed what it really looked like. This one is modern but still has a few highlights that might be interesting and show a bit of the setting.  


Video about Kang Beds

Chapter 2

Chinese Twist Bread Recipe


Steamed Dumplings Recipe


Chapter 3

Sonlighters Eater Tanghulers (pictures only)


Tanghuler recipe (Cherries, strawberries, or tamarind can also be substituted for hawthorns)


Chapter 4

Nian Gao recipe (Chinese New Year Cakes)


Chinese Firecrackers Craft

Chapter 5

Chinese Kites


Fried Cornbread Recipe


Bean Sprout Stir Fry Recipe

Chapter 6

I couldn’t find a place that just showed how to make corn husk boats without the recipe, so here is one with it. You can just leave them empty to play with. If you don’t have access to fresh corn or don’t want to buy corn, you can buy just dried husks from many ethnic stores, especially Mexican ones, as they are often used to make tamales. Some regular grocery stores also carry them. 


Have a boat race or a foot race


Eat peaches


Cabbage and Bean Paste Steamed Dumpling Recipe (very different from previous steamed dumpling recipe)


Chapter 7

Yellow Canary Singing video


Canary in a Cage craft


Chapter 8

Try a variety of foods mentioned in this chapter: cabbage, onions, melon, and sweet potato.


Sesame Seed Candy (you get the black color mentioned in the book by using black sesame seeds as in the video)


Paper Lanterns craft


Chapter 9



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Little Pear and His Friends

Little Pear and the Rabbits

More About Litle Pear

In total, the author wrote almost 60 books; I believe all for children, and many of them were set in China, some with girls as main characters. 

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