Schedule combining Child’s History of the World (HBL B from Sonlight), Vos Child’s Story Bible, and Mystery of History

This was a lot more complex than I thought it would be.  First of all, CHOW is only scheduled for about 42 chapters, whereas just the Old Testament from the Vos Child’s Story Bible was 110 Chapters, and in Mystery of History, the same time period was covered in the entire first book, all 108 chapters, plus 24 chapters of book 2, plus six introductory chapters for each semester, making a grand total of 116 Chapters.  As you can see, these do not make it easy to line up with each other, so mostly I just scheduled out Vos for the first 110 days, since by then, we’re in the New Testament anyway, and there wasn’t room for 90 more chapters, and then trying to pace the MOH chapters as evenly as possible, with occasional lining up of topics when possible.  I would have liked to make it into a table, but those capabilities are beyond me at the moment.


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