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Once Upon A Homeschooler
Sonlight Retired/Previously Used Books List
Updated November 2019 (OnceUponAHomeschooler)
Table of Contents: Clicking a Link Will Take You to the Correct Page Note​/Introduction (Please Read)
Preschool~Fiction, Fairy Tales, and Fun for Little Learners Pre-Kindergarten~Exploring God’s World
History/Bible/Literature A~Intro to the World: Cultures History/Bible/Literature B~Intro to World History: Part 1 History/Bible/Literature C~Intro to World History: Part 2 History/Bible/Literature D~Intro to American History: Part 1 History/Bible/Literature E~Intro to American History: Part 2 History/Bible/Literature F~Eastern Hemisphere History/Bible/Literature G~World History: Part 1 Bible/History/Literature H~World History: Part 2 History/Bible/Literature W~World History (One-Year) History/Bible/Literature J~History of Science History/Bible/Literature 100~American History in Depth History/Bible/Literature 200~History of God’s Kingdom History/Bible/ Literature 300~20th Century World History History/Bible/Literature 400~Civics/American Government History/Bible/Literature 500~World History and Worldview Studies Resources
Comments, Credits, and Notices
This list does NOT include books that have been updated, but where Sonlight switched from an older version to a newer version that doesn’t line up.. I have tried to link the copy Sonlight used whenever possible, but as many of the versions are out of print, have been updated, or very difficult to find, this was not always possible, so many of the covers may look different. I can not guarantee that the linked book will always match up with the version in your guide.
This list is not an exhaustive list of all books Sonlight has ever used. It is a mostly complete list of books that were once used, but are no longer included. Please let me know if you find any
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Once Upon A Homeschooler
mistakes, typos, incorrect links, or information that has changed. If you would like to place this list on your own blog, please ask me for permission, and please don’t change it without permission.Youcancontactmeat​,​ orthroughfacebookat​.
Preschool~Fiction, Fairy Tales, and Fun for Little Learners
(Previous called Core P 3 /4 , and Core T)
Robert McCloskey Collection, A​ (3 Stories) (swapped for ​Make Way for McCloskey.​ 8 Stories) Pre-Kindergarten~Exploring God’s World
(Previously called PreK and Pre-K and Core B and Core P4/5)
101 Favorite Children’s Songs ~ cassette 25 Stories for Little People ~ cassette Bear Called Paddington, A​ ~ Bond Children’s Choice Bible ~ Chancellor Curious George​ ~ Rey
Emperor’s New Clothes ~ ​link not to original version
Family Treasury of Little Golden Books, A​ ~ (Buell)
Ken Taylor’s Favorite Bible Stories​ ~ Taylor (earlier edition of ​Family Time Bible in Pictures​) Let’s Talk about Animals ~ published by Ladybird
Mother Goose Classic​ ~ Volland
My Book about Hudson​ ~ Miller
My First Encyclopedia​ ~ Watson
Noah’s Ark​ ~ Spier
Opposites​ ~ Tyler and Gee
Peter and the Wolf / R Maltby Presents the Orchestra’s Instruments ~ 2 cassettes
Real Mother Goose​ ~ Wright
Richard Scarry’s Busy, Busy World​ ~ Scarry
Right Choices​ ~ Taylor
Shapes​ ~ Usborne
Tall Book of Fairy Tales, The​ ~ Vance
Tall Book of Nursery Tales, The​ ~ Rojankovsky
Treasury of Children’s Literature, A​ ~ Elsen
Ugly Duckling, The​ ~ Anderson
You Read to Me, I’ll Read to You​ Hoberman
History/Bible/Literature A~Intro to the World: Cultures
(Previously called Core A and Core K and Core C)
Alice’s Adventure in Wonderland​ (Illustrated Condensed) ~ Carrol Beezus and Ramona​ ~ Cleary
Boy, A Dog, A Frog​, A ~ Mayer
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Once Upon A Homeschooler
Chimney Sweep’s Ransom: John Wesley​ ~ Jackson Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs​ ~ Barrett Complete Adventures of Curious George, The​ ~ Rey Five True Dog Stories​ ~ Davidson
Granny Han’s Breakfast​ ~ Groves
Hero Tales ​~ Jackson
I Heard Good News Today​ ~ Lehn
Johnny Appleseed​ (different author from current version) ~ Holland Johnny Appleseed​ (different author from current version) ~ Kellogg Kidnapped by River Rats: William and Catherine Booth​ ~ Jackson Little House in the Big Woods​ ~ Wilder
My Book about Hudson: Hudson Taylor​ ~ Miller
Peter Pan​ (Condensed and Illustrated edition) ~ Barrie Poems to Read to the Very Young​ ~ Frank
Stop that Ball​ ~ McClintock
Story About Ping, A​ ~ Marjorie Flack
Winnie the Pooh​ ~ Milne
Wizard of Oz​ ~ Baum
History/Bible/Literature B~Intro to World History: Part 1
(Previously called Core B and Core 1)
Bandit of Ashley Downs: George Mueller ​~ Jackson Case of the Gasping Garbage​ ~ Torrey
Chimney Sweep’s Ransom:John Wesley​ ~ Jackson Fables​ ~ Lobel
Favorite Poems of Childhood​ ~ Smith
Flight of the Fugitives: Gladys Aylward​ ~ Jackson Follow My Leader​ ~ Garfield
From Arapesh to Zuni​ ~ Lewis
From Akebu to Zapotec​ ~ Hathersmith
Greek News​ ~ Powell
Half Magic​ ~ Eager
Heidi​ (condensed version) ~ Spyri
Hero Tales. Vol. II​ ~ Jackson
Hero Tales. Vol. III​ ~ Jackson
Hidden Jewel, The: Amy Carmichael​ ~ Jackson
It Could Always be Worse​ ~ Zemach
Leah’s Song ​~ Clifford
Missionary Stories with the Millers​ ~. Martin
Mrs. Piggle Wiggle​ ~ MacDonald
Now We are Six​ ~ Milne
Prince & the Pauper​ (abridged/illustrated ed.) ~ Twain
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Once Upon A Homeschooler
Roman Diary​ ~ Platt
Queen’s Smuggler, The: William Tyndale​ ~ Jackson Robin Hood of Sherwood Forest​ ~ McGovern Shoeshine Girl​ ~ Bulla
Stop that Ball​ ~ McClintock
Thieves of Tyburn Square: Elizabeth Fry​ ~ Jackson Time Traveller’s Omnibus​ ~ Usborne
To the Top​ ~ Kramer
Usborne Book of Peoples of the World​ ~ Trundle Usborne Book of Houses and Homes​ ~ Bower Velveteen Rabbit​ ~ Williams
Welcome to Silver Street Farm​ ~ Nicola Davis
History/Bible/Literature C~Intro to World History: Part 2
(Previously called Core C and Core 2)
Alexander the Great​ ~ Green
Alexander the Great​ ~ Wepman
Awesome Book of Bible Facts​ ~ Sandy Silverthorne Ben & Me​ ~ Lawson
Castle Diary​ ~ Platt
Child’s Garden of Verses, A​ ~ Stevenson
Chitty Chitty Bang Bang​ ~ Fleming
Encyclopedia Brown Cracks the Case​ ~ Sobol Explorer’s News​ ~ Johnstone
Ferdinand Magellan​ ~ Brewster
Fine Print: A Story About Johann Gutenberg​ ~ Burch Flight of the Fugitive:Gladys Aylward​ ~ Jackson Florence Nightingale​ ~ Collins
Ginger Pye​ ~ Estes (moved to Grade 4 reader package) Gladys Aylward​ ~ Swift
Good Masters! Sweet Ladies! ​~ Laura Amy Schiltz Great Dinosaur Mystery and the Bible​~ Taylor
Hans Brinker, Condensed​ ~ Dodge
Hidden Tales for Eastern Europe​ ~ Barber
How the Bible Came to Us​ ~ Doney
Indian in the Cupboard​ ~ Banks
Joan of Arc​ ~ Stanley
Kildee House​ ~ Montgomery (was reentered in HBL B) Little House in Rocky Ridge​ ~ MacBride
Little Princess, A​ ~ Burnett
Maps and Globes​ ~ Knowlton
Medicine News​ ~ Gates
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Once Upon A Homeschooler
Old Ramon​ ~ Schaefer
Ordinary Princess, The​ ~ Kaye
Philomena​ ~ Seredy
Pippi Longstocking​ ~ Lindgren
Poke in the I, A​ ~ Janeczko
Shadrach​ ~ DeJong
Swiss Family Robinson, Condensed​ ~ Wyss
Treasure in an Oatmeal Box​ ~ Gire
Trial by Poison: Mary Slessor​ ~ Jackson
Trojan Horse, The​ ~ Little
You Can Change the World​ ~ Johnstone (updated to the new book called ​Window on the World​, which has since been updated to the latest version of ​Window on the World​)
Readers Removed from “Core” C​~These are about a 3rd~4th grade reading level: ❖ Diving Bell, The​ ~ Strasser
❖ Every Living Thing​ ~ Rylant
❖ Five Little Peppers and How They Grew​ ~ Sidney
❖ McBroom’s Wonderful One~Acre Farm​ ~ Fleishman ❖ Three Dollar Mule​ ~ Bulla
❖ To the Top​ ~ Kramer
History/Bible/Literature D~Intro to American History: Part 1
(Previously called Core 3 and Core D)
Adoniram Judson: Bound for Burma​ ~ Benge (since been reinstated) American Adventures I​ ~ Greenberg
Betsy Ross​ ~ Weil
Bold Journey​ ~ Bohner
Boone, Wilderness Explorer​ ~ Retan
Calico Bush​ ~ Field
Candymakers, The​ ~ Mass
Can’t You Make Them Behave, King George?​ ~ Fritz Columbus​ ~ D’Aulaire
Crispus Attucks​ ~ Millender
Daniel Boone​ ~ Daugherty
Drinking Gourd, The​ ~ Monjo
Erie Canal, The​ ~ Stein
Every Day With God​ ~ Nichols
Fish do the Strangest Things​ ~ Hornblow Flight of the Fugitives​ ~ Jackson
From Sea to Shining Sea For Young Readers​ ~ Marshall & Manuel George Washington: History’s All~Stars​ ~ Stevenson
Giant Treasury of Brer Rabbit​ ~ Harris
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Once Upon A Homeschooler
Hannah​ ~ Whelan
Hopeful Trout & Other Limericks, The​ ~ Ciardi
Imprisoned in the Golden City: Adoniram & Ann Judson​ ~ Jackson
In God We Trust​ ~ Crater & Hunsicker
Insects do the Strangest Things​ ~ Hornblow
Landmark History of the American People​ {2 Volumes in 1; replaced with Vol.1: ​From Plymouth to the West,​ updated version of Landmark Book} ~ Boorstin
Lawn Boy​ ~ Paulsen
Light and the Glory for Young Readers, The​ ~ Marshall & Manuel
Martha Washington​ (Childhood of Famous Americans) ~ Wagoner
Matchlock Gun, The​ ~ Edmonds
Meet George Washington​ ~ Heilbroner
Meet Thomas Jefferson​ ~ Barrett
Molly Pitcher​ ~ Stevenson
Mother West Wind’s Children​ ~ Burgess
Mr.Revere and I​ ~ Robert Lawson
One Year Bible for Kid​s ~ Tyndale, NLT
Paddle~to~the~Sea​ ~ Holling
Poem Stew​ ~ Cole
Silver​ ~ Whelan
Story of the Lone Star Republic, The​ ~ Stein
Story of the USA, Book 1​ ~ Escher
Story of the USA, Book 2​ ~ Escher
Tree in the Trail​ ~ Holling
Twister of Twists, A Tangle of Tongues​ ~ Schwartz
Very First Americans, The​ ~ Cara Ashrose
War of 1812, The​ ~ Morris
What’s the Big Idea Ben Franklin?​ ~ Jean Fritz
Winter at Valley Forge​ ~ James E Knight
History/Bible/Literature E~Intro to American History: Part 2 (Previously called Core 4 or Core E):
All Sail Set​ ~ Sperry
American Adventures 1​ ~ Greenberg American Adventures 2​ ~ Greenberg American Tall Tales​ ~ Stoutenburg American Wars: World War 1​ ~ Stewart Arkful of Animals, An​ ~ Cole
Behind Rebel Lines​ ~ Reit
Bolivar​ ~ Guyatt
Bully for You Teddy Roosevelt​ ~ Fritz Bundle of Beasts, A​ ~ Hooper
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Once Upon A Homeschooler
California Gold Rush (Landmark)​ ~ McNeer Canada​ ~ Sabin
Canada the Land​ ~ Kalman
Cheaper By the Dozen​ ~ Gilbreth
Churcaro: Wild Pony of the Pampa​ ~ Kalnay Day it Rained Forever, The​ ~ Gross
Dog Jack​ ~ Biros
Every Living Thing​ ~ Rylant
Flames Across the Susquehanna​ ~ Banner
From the Mixed~up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler​ ~ Konigsburg (now a reader)
Great Depression, The​ ~ Stein
Great Turkey Walk, The​ ~ Karr (now a reader)
Half Magic​ ~ Eager
He Freed Britain’s Slaves: William Wilberforce​ ~ Ludwig
If You Lived at the Time of the Great San Francisco Earthquake​ ~ Levine
In the Year of the Boar and Jackie Robinson​ (now a Read~Aloud)
Kitchen Madonna, The​ ~Godden
Landmark History of the American People​ {2 Volumes in 1; replaced with ​Vol.2: From Fort Sumter to the Moon​, updated version of Landmark Book} ~ Boorstin
Learning About God From A to Z​ ~ Erickson
Letter to Mrs. Roosevelt, A​ ~ de Young (now a Read~Aloud)
Light Princess, The​ ~ MacDonald
Lincoln: A Photobiography​ ~ Freedman
Moccasin Trail​ ~ McGraw
Monitor and the Merrimac, The​ ~ Stein
Mr. Blue Jeans: The Story About Levi Strauss​ ~ Weidt
On the Banks of Plum Creek​ ~ Wilder
Perilous Road, The​ ~ Steele
Prairie Boy’s Winter, A​ ~ Kurelek
Seven Wonders of Sassafras Springs, The​ ~ Birney
Shoes for Everyone​ ~ Mitchell
Simon Bolivar: The Liberator​ ~ de Varona
Sounding Forth the Trumpet for Young Readers​ ~ Marshall & Manuel
South America​ ~ Moore
Story of the Golden Spike​ ~ Stein
Story of the USA Book 3​ ~ Escher
Story of the USA Book 4​ ~ Escher
Story of Thomas Alva Edison, The​ ~ Cousins
Terrible Wave, The​ ~ Dahlstedt
Thee, Hannah!​ ~ de Angeli
Unit about Canada, A​ ~ Coe
Where the Red Fern Grows​ ~ Rawls
World War I​ ~ Kent
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Once Upon A Homeschooler
Zooful of Animals, An​ ~ Cole
History/Bible/Literature F~Eastern Hemisphere
(Previously called Core 5 and Core F)
101 Differences Between Cats and Dogs!​ ~ Sjogren
Aladdin & Other Favorite Arabian Nights Stories​ ~ Smith
Ancient China​ ~ Cotterell
Arabs in the Golden Age​ ~ Moktefi
Ashanti to Zulu: African Traditions​ ~ Musgrove
Best-Loved Folktales of the World​ ~ Cole
Captain Cook​ ~ Humphris
China: History to 1949​ ~ McLenighan
Commodore Perry in the Land of the Shogun​ ~ Blumberg
Coral Reefs ​~ Johnson
David Livingstone: Africa’s Trailblazer​ ~ Benge
Disease Fighters, The: Nobel Prize for Medicine​ ~ Aaseng
Eastern Hemisphere Explorer (Sonlight worksheets) ~ Densmer
East to the Shifting Sands​ ~ Poynor
Eric Liddell: Men of Faith​ ~ Swift
Eric Liddell: Something Greater Than Gold​ ~ Benge
Escape to the Jungle: Stories of Missionary Experiences​ ~ (Sim International) Explorers: from Columbus to Armstrong​ ~ Everett (Usborne)
Exploring Planet Earth​ ~ Tiner
Faces: Australia Through Time​ ~ Faces Magazine Vol.III
Genghis Khan & The Mongol Horde​ ~ Lamb
Gengis Khan (World Leaders Past & Present)​ ~ Humphrey
Glorious Age in Africa, A​ ~ Chu & Skinner
Heritage Studies 6 Student Text: Eastern Hemisphere Nations​ ~ Creason Hobbit, The​ ~ Tolkien​Gandhi: Peaceful Warrior ~ Bains
Incredible Journey, The​ ~ Burnford
India: The Culture​ ~ Kalman
India: The People​ ~ Kalman
Islam ​~ Berry
I​sland of the Blue Dolphins​ ~ O’Dell
John Newton: The Angry Sailor​ ~ Strom
Louis Braille​ ~ Davidson
Mongols, The​ ~ Nicholson
Rascal​ ~ North
Rat Catcher’s Son, The​ ~ London
Remembering God’s Awesome Acts​ ~ Mortimer
Seabird​ ~ Holling
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Once Upon A Homeschooler
Sherlock Files: The 100~Year~Old Secret, The​ ~ Barrett Ships, Sailors and the Sea​ ~ Usborne
Slave Ship, The​ ~ Sterne
Star of Light​ ~ St. John
Stories from Arabian Nights ~ Lang (cannot find exact version. ​This one​ is by the same author) Story of Africa & Her Flags to Colour, The​ ~ Faul
Story of Islam, The​ ~ Kamm
Tales of a Korean Grandmother​ ~ Carpenter
Throwing Shadows​ ~ Konigsburg Torches of Joy​ ~ Dekker Traditional Africa​ ~ Addison Unreached People Groups DVD Walkabout​ ~ Marshall
White Queen: The Story of Mary Slessor​ ~ McFarlan
With Daring Faith: A Biography of Amy Carmichael​ ~ Davis
Wolves of Willoughby Chase, The​ ~ Aiken
World Book Encyclopedia CD-ROM​ (they used the latest version each year) Young Man in a Hurry​ ~ Clinton
Your Place in God’s Plan ~ Holtzmann (Sonlight exclusive, can not find it online)
History/Bible/Literature G~World History: Part 1 (Previously called Core 6 and Core G):
Adolf Hitler​ ~ Wepman
Adventures of the Greek Heroes​ ~ Mclean & Wiseman
Air Raid: Pearl Harbor!​ ~ Taylor
Ancient Egypt​ ~ Nicholson & Watts
Ancient Greece​ ~ Clare
Ancient Greeks in The Land of the Gods, The​ ~ Deschamps-Lequime
Anne of Green Gables​ ~ Montgomery
Archaeology: The Usborne Young Scientist​ ~ Cork & Reid (moved to HBL J) Archimedes and the Door of Science​ ~ Bendick
Augustus Caesar’s World​ ~ Foster
Between the Forest and The Hills​ ~ Lawrence
Big Red​ ~ Kjelgaard
Boy’s War, The​ ~ Michell
Case of the Baker Street Irregulars, The​ ~ Newman
Children’s Homer, The​ ~ Colum
Cleopatra​ ~ Stanley
Condor of the Andes, The​ ~ Wagner
D’Aulaires’ Book Book of Greek Myths​ ~ D”Aulaire
Daddy Long Legs​ ~ Webster
David Livingstone: First to Cross Africa With the Gospel​ ~ Worcester
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Once Upon A Homeschooler
Eagle of the Ninth, The​ ~ Sutcliff
Everything You Need to Know About World History Homework​ ~ Zeman & Kelly Fine Print: A Story About Johann Gutenberg​ ~ Burch
Freckles​ ~ Stratton-Porter
Girl of the Limberlost, A​ ~ Stratton-Porter
Hawk That Dare Not Hunt By Day, The​ ~ O’Dell
Heritage Studies 7, Student Text: World Studies (an older edition of ​this book​) Ink on His Fingers​ ~ Vernon
Isaac Newton & Gravity​ ~ Parker
Isobel Kuhn​ ~ Dick
Johannes Kepler: Giant of Faith & Science​ ~ Tiner
King Arthur: Tales from the Round Table​ ~ Lang
Kingfisher History Encyclopedia, The​ ~ Kingfisher
Leonardo da Vinci​ ~ Stanley
Marie Curie​ ~ Birch
Martin Luther: Hero of the Faith​ ~ Nohl
Mary, Bloody Mary​ ~ Meyer
Middle Ages, The​ ~ Caselli
Monk Who Shook the Word, The​ ~ Davey
Morning Star of the Reformation​ ~ Thomson
Napoleon ~ Carol
North To Freedom​ ~ Holm (this book is still included, now called “I am David”) Nothing Daunted​ ~ Repp
Otto of the Silver Hand​ ~ Pyle
Phantom Tollbooth, The​ ~ Norton Juster
Scarlet Pimpernell​ ~ Orczy
Story of D~Day, The​ ~ Bliven
Story of Mankind​ ~ Van Loon
Story of Music, The​ ~ Usborne
Treasures of the Snow​ ~ St. John
Twenty and Ten​ ~ Bishop (moved to HBL A)
Vasco de Gama: Adventures in Discovery​ ~ Knight
Westing Game, The​ ~ Raskin
White Queen: The Story of Mary Slessor​ ~ McFarlan
White Stag, The​ ~ Seredy
World of Columbus and Sons, The​ ~ Foster
World Studies, Student Text​ ~ BJU Press
Bible/History/Literature H~World History: Part 2 (Previously called Core 7 and Core H)
Abraham Lincoln’s World​ ~ Foster
Captain Cook Explores the South Seas​ ~ Sperry
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Once Upon A Homeschooler
Catherine The Great​ ~ Scherman
Dark Frigate, The​ ~ Hawes
Dr. Jenner and the Speckled Monster:The Discovery of the Smallpox Vaccine​ ~ Marrin Escape from Warsaw​ ~ Serraillier
George Washington’s World​ ~ Foster
Great Expectations​ ~ Dickens
Heart Strangely Warmed, A​ ~ Vernon
I Am David​ ~ Anne Holm
Jar of Dreams, A​ ~ Uchida
Kidnapped Prince, The​ ~ Cameron
Kingfisher History Encyclopedia, The​ ~ Kingfisher
Lord Peter: The Complete Lord Peter Wimsey Stories​ ~ Dorothy L Sayers
Madeleine Takes Command​ ~ Brill
Napoleon and the Battle of Waterloo ​~ Winwar
Out of Many Waters​ ~ Greene
Painless Poetry​ ~ Elizabeth
Stowaway​ ~ Hesse
History/Bible/Literature W~World History (One-Year) (Previously called Core W and Core 6A)
Archimedes and the Door of Science​ ~ Bendick Augustus Caesar’s World​ ~ Foster
Betty Greene: Wings to Serve​ ~ Benge
Eagle of the Ninth, The​ ~ Sutcliff
George Washington’s World​ ~ Foster
I Am David​ ~ Anne Holm
King Arthur: Tales from the Round Table​ ~ Lang Kingfisher History Encyclopedia, The​ ~ Kingfisher Otto of the Silver Hand​ ~ Pyle
World of Columbus and Sons, The​ ~ Foster
History/Bible/Literature J~History of Science No changes
History/Bible/Literature 100~American History in Depth (Previously called Core 7 and Core 100)
Adventures of the Greek Heroes​ ~ Mclean & Wiseman
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Once Upon A Homeschooler
After the Dancing Days​ ~ Rostkowski
Archaeology: The Usborne Young Scientist​ ~ Cork & Reid (moved to HBL J)
Black Like Me​ ~ Griffin (Moved to HBL 400)
Blue Willow​ ~ Gates
Called to Die: The Story of American Linguist Chet Bitterman​ ~ Estes
Christy​ ~ Marshall
Constance​ ~ Clapp
Custer and Crazy Horse​ ~ Razzi
Down Ryton Water​ ~ Gaggin
Dragonwings​ ~ Yep
Early Thunder​ ~ Fritz
Earthquake at Dawn​ ~ Gregory
Four Million and Other Stories​ ~ O’Henry
Frank Delano Roosevelt​ ~ Freedman
From the Mixed~up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler​ ~ Konigsburg (now an HBL E Reader) Gathering of Days, A​ ~ Blos
Gentle Ben​ ~ Morey
Gold Bug and Other Tales, The​ ~ Poe
Greeks​ ~ Usborne
Green Book, The​ ~ Walsh
Guns for General Washington​ ~ Reit
Home Ranch, The​ ~ Moody
Jar of Dreams, A​ ~ Uchida
Joni​ ~ Eareckson Tada
Julius Caesar: Roman Dictator
Light in the Forest, The​ ~ Richter
Loner, The​ ~ Wier
Martin Luther King Junior: A Man to Remember​ ~ Darby
Mrs. Mike​ ~ Freedman
My Side of the Mountain​ ~ George
Nothing to Fear​ ~ Koller
On to Oregon​ ~ Morrow
Patty Reed’s Doll: The​ ~ Laurgaard
Piercing the Darkness​ ~ Peretti
Pony Express, Cobblestone (1981)​ ~ Nankin
Red Badge of Courage, The​ ~ Crane
Rifles for Watie​ ~ Keith
Robert E. Lee​ ~ Roddy
Samuel F.B. Morse: Artist With A Message​ ~ Tiner
Sequoyah and the Cherokee Alphabe​t ~ Cwiklik
Smokey the Cowhorse​ ~ James
Sounder​ ~ Armstrong
Story of Henry Hudson: Master Explorer, The​ ~ Weiner
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Once Upon A Homeschooler
Stout~Hearted Seven​ ~ Frazier
Streams to the River, River to the Sea​ ~ O’Dell Time Enough for Drums​ ~ Rinaldi
Trails to Poosey​ ~ Cook
Tutankhamun and Friends​ ~ Aldred
Two Tickets to Freedom​ ~ Freedman
Uncle Tom’s Cabin​ ~ Stowe
Up a Road Slowly​ ~ Hunt
Wait for Me, Watch for Me, Eula Bee​ ~ Peck We’ll Race You Henry​ ~ Mitchell
Youth Bible Study Notebook​ ~ Souter
History/Bible/Literature 200~History of God’s Kingdom (Previously called Core 8 and Core 200)
30 Days to Understand Church History​ ~ Anders & Lundsford Adventuring Through the Bible​ ~ Stedman & Denney Americans’ Favorite Poems​ ~ Pinsky
Bartholomew Fair​ ~ Stolz
Beauty​ ~ McKinley
Becoming Orthodox​ ~ Gillquist
Black Beauty​ ~ Sewell
Bridge to Terabithia​ ~ Paterson
Canterbury Tale, The​ ~ Chaucer, retold by McCaughrean Catholic and Christian​ ~ Schreck
Catholicism and Fundamentalism​ ~ Keating
Church of Rome at the Bar of History, The​ ~ Webster Common Ground​ ~ Bajis
David Copperfield​ ~ Dickens
Don’t Check Your Brains at the Door​ ~ Mc Dowell
Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde and Weir of Hermiston​ ~ Stevenson Emperor’s Winding Sheet, The​ ~ Walsh
Evangelical is Not Enough​ ~ Howard
Faith Alone​ ~ Sproul
Fire Upon the Earth​ ~ Langford
Flames of Rome, The​ ~ Maier
Flying to the Moon​ ~ Collins
For the Life of the World​ ~ Schmemann
Good Wives​ ~ Alcott
Gospel According to Rome, The​ ~ McCarthy
Hang Tough, Paul Mather​ ~ Slote
Hatchet​ ~ Paulsen
Hawk and the Dove, The​ ~ Wilcock
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Once Upon A Homeschooler
In His Steps​ ~ Sheldon
Jackaroo​ ~ Voight
Little Men​ ~ Alcott
Little Women​ ~ Alcott
Not By Faith Alone​ ~ Sungenis
Not By Scripture Alone​ ~ Sungenis
Pride and Prejudice​ ~ Austen (replaced with annotated version) Quo Vadis​ ~ Sienkiewicz
Roman Catholicism: Evangelical Protestants Analyze What Divides and Unites Us​ ~ Armstrong Separate Peace, A ​~ Knowles
Summer of the Swans, The​ ~ Byars
Taste of Chaucer, A​ ~ Malcolmson
This was John Calvin​ ~ Van Halsema Trumpeter of Krakow, The​ ~ (Kelly) Who Moved the Stone?​ ~ Morrison William Booth​ ~ Bennett
History/Bible/ Literature 300~20th Century World History (Previously named Core 9 and Core 300)
Atlas Shrugged​ ~ Rand
Darkness at Noon​ ~ Koestler
DK 20th Century Day to Day​ ~ Schlesinger
DK Visual Timeline of the 20th Century, The​ ~ Adams
Exodus​ ~ Uris
Fallen Angels​ ~ Myers
For Whom the Bell Tolls​ ~ Hemingway
I Had Seen Castles​ ~ Rylant
Let One Hundred Flowers Bloom​ ~ Jicai
Life During the Russian Revolution​ ~ Sherrow
Mammoth Book of Eye~witness History, The​ ~ Lewis
More to be Desired than Gold​ ~ Wilson
Mother Jones: Fierce Fighter for Workers’ Rights​ ~ Pinkerton Josephson My Life in Advertising & Scientific Advertising​ ~ Hopkins
Life: Our Century in Pictures for Young People​ ~ Stolley and Sklasky Permanent Book of the 20th Century, The​ ~ Lewis
Robert Frost: Selected Poems​ ~ Frost
Run Baby Run​ ~ Cruz
Spy Who Came in From the Cold​ ~ Le Carre
Visual History of the Modern World​ ~ Terry Burrows
War of the Worldviews​ ~ DeMar
What Everyone Should Know About the 20th Century​ ~ Axelrod and Philips
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Once Upon A Homeschooler
You Come Too​ ~ Frost
YouthWalk Vol.1​ ~ Walk Through the Bible Ministries
History/Bible/Literature 400~Civics/American Government (Previously called Core 10 and Core 400)
America’s Caesar​ ~ Durand Belle Prater’s Boy​ ~ White Crazy Lady​ ~ Conly Crucible, The​ ~ Miller
Day They Came to Arrest the Book, The​ ~ Hentoff
Dry Divide, The​ ~ Ralph Moody
Giver, The​ ~ Lois Lowry
Godless Constitution: The Case Against Religious Correctness, The​ ~ Kramnick & Moore Institutes of Biblical Law, The​ ~ Rushdoony
Julie of the Wolves​ ~ George
Jungle, The​ ~ Sinclair
Lies My Teacher Told Me​ ~ Lowen
Moby Dick​ ~ Melville
Never Before in History​ ~ Amos &Gardiner
Our Right to Drugs​ ~ Szasz
Outsiders, The​ ~ Hinton
Shadow of the Almighty​ ~ Elliot
The Discovery of Freedom​ ~ Lane
Tools of Dominion​ ~ Gary North
Tree Grows in Brooklyn, A​ ~ Betty Smith Walden and Civil Disobedience​ ~ Thoreau When in the Course of Human Events​ ~ Adams Where the Broken Heart Still Beats​ ~ Meyer
History/Bible/Literature 500~World History and Worldview Studies (Previously called Core 500 and 530~British Literature)
No changes
(Not a complete list, as they are no longer published regularly in the catalog)
Man of the Family​ ~ Moody Home Ranch, The​ ~ Moody
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Once Upon A Homeschooler
Mary Emma and Company​ ~ Moody Fields of Home, The​ ~ Moody Shaking the Nickel Bush​ ~ Moody Dry Divide, The​ ~ Moody
Horse of a Different Color​ ~ Moody
Ralph Moody Eight~Volume Set
One Minute Answers to Skeptics’ Top Forty Questions​ ~ Campbell Understanding the Times​ ~ Myers
Understanding the Times Student Workbook Manual​ ~ Myers
Comments, Credits, and Notices
This is not a complete list of every book Sonlight has used or sold. Some of the older catalogs (especially before 1996) were not able to be located. Also, several books were dropped and then added back into Sonlight over the years, so you might find books on this list that are still in use. Some books have been moved from one level to another, or switched from a read-aloud to a reader, or vice versa. Not all electives, math, science, or resources have been listed. There are a few links I could not find, and a few more I had to guess on.
There are amazon affiliate links in this list. Please be aware of this. It does not cost you anything to purchase a book through amazon from this list, although I will be given a very small amount of money if you do (really small, often less than a quarter per purchase). But, you are always free to not use the links, or to source your books from the many other websites out there. I provide the links not only to pretend it’s going to someday pay me back for the many hours I put into it (It probably never will, nor did I do this for money), but also as a way to quickly figure out which book you are looking for, especially with books with similar names and authors. It can be very hard to find used books, so having a link to a specific photo or author’s name can be very helpful and save a ton of time. I know many times I’ve wanted to add on some books from this list, and it was a lot of work to have to search up several books on my own. This list will hopefully provide an easier and faster way of doing this.
This list could not have been completed without the help of the hard work and hours friends from the old Sonlight forums put into making the original list. I would like to credit the original list creators as: Chelle (NZ), Tara (Sonlight Forums) and Jill (US). This new list is also partially my own work, Veronica (OnceUponAHomeschooler). Please do not copy or use this list without giving credit to these people who were happy to provide this list for use. Please do not redistribute or alter this list (and links) without permission. You may email me for a different version (.docx, .html, etc). Again, my contact information is ​​, or through facebook at ​​.
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