Peacemaker by Joseph Bruchac

Peacemaker by Joseph Bruchac

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Worksheets A: Questions. These are labeled by chapter, and some chapters have more than one question.  For example, if chapter 5 has 4 questions, they will be labeled Ch 5A, Ch 5B, Ch 5C, and CH 5D, with the next question, Ch6 relating to the next chapter.  I have tried to make these worksheets easy to use across a wider age gap and for children who like to write as well as those who would rather not.  If you have any feedback or suggestions, let me know.

Worksheet B: This grid can be used to help children keep the many characters with unusual names straight. There are a few that are barely mentioned, but most are the primary characters.  Most of the characters will be found in Chapters 1 and 2, but some don’t appear until later in the book.  There are no right answers, just have your child (or you) draw or write anything that comes to mind to help keep the crew straight in their mind (This also helps the parent remember which voice to use for which character).

Worksheets C: This is a cut-out type activity (you can just print the answer sheet (page 3) if you don’t want to do the cut-outs), to help keep track of all of the different tribes in the book.  I would suggest having your child use the answers as a way to do the worksheets, because the book doesn’t make everything clear, and it can be a little hard, especially towards the end to keep straight all 5 nations of the Iroquois Confederacy (and, after the book takes place, the bonus info will introduce your child to the sixth nation to be added.


There is an official audiobook for this book

Field Trips:


Onöhsagwë:de’Cultural Center, Salamanca, NY

Iroquois County Historical Society Old Courthouse Museum, Watseka, Illinois



There are no known sequels for this book, but the author has quite a few books, written to a variety of levels. You will find a couple of them in Sonlight already.

For more information about the Iroquois Confederacy, the book If You Lived with the Iroquois will be very helpful.

Other helpful books:

Longhouse: Describes the way of life of the tribes that made up the League of the Iroquois, focusing on their longhouses, unique dwellings they built for shelter and ceremonies. Level 4.8

Longhouses: Describes the history, social structure, and customs of the Iroquois Indians.



Here is a “more correct” version of the story in the book.

Another version of the story, this is part 1, but part 2 also has more of the story that’s in the book.

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