White Stallion of Lipizza by Marguerite Henry

White Stallion of Lipizza by Marguerite Henry

White Stallion of Lipizza: Henry, Marguerite: 9780027436280: Amazon.com: Books

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Fast and easy extension activities, projects, videos, and crafts to go along with the book.  Arranged by chapter. 


Food mentioned in the story include poppy seed bread, rye, long rolls, kipferl, sausages, and braided bread.  

There are a lot of places mentioned, but I will add more as he visits each one.  

White Stallion Lapbook ($0.95 currently at TPT)

Lippizan Coloring Page

Assorted Horse coloring pages

Schönbrunn Palace


Running with the Horses

Austria’s National Library, where Hans visits

The 4th coin down on this page is the Austrian 2-shilling coin with Prince Eugene on it. 

Lipizzan Horse Show


Paprika goulash with dumplings

Xenophon’s The Art of Horsemanship audio

Horse crafts (we liked the first one best)


A look at young Lipizzaners (part 1)

A little more info about the original lineage of the horses


Colonel Podhajsky

The Hofburg Palace


The Girl of the Golden West opera (warning, it’s an opera, and has some parts some might think inappropriate)

Read the picture book: Running with the Horses (a fictionalized account of saving the stallions from Nazi attack)


Wiener Schnitzel

Thin pancakes (I’m guessing crepes?) stuffed with strawberry jam


Spanish Riding School (Part 2)

25 & Epilogue

There is a movie called the Miracle of the White Stallions (Disney) that I totally meant to watch before I got this far, but have not yet watched it yet. Since it’s about rescuing the horses from the Nazis, I am assuming there are things in it to prewatch for.

A picture book I came across that I think will tie in very well to the theme is Jubilee: The First Therapy Horse and an Olympic Dream.  It’s not about the Lipizzaners at all, but it is a true story about a woman who becomes partially paralyzed due to Polio and then goes on to win an Olympic silver medal (two separate times) in the equestrian event (in individual dressage) with a horse that was not made for competing with, but made an excellent therapy horse. Her silver medal in 1952 for Individual Dressage was the first by any woman in any individual sport when in direct competition with men at the Olympics and she was the first woman to ever stand next to men on an Olympic winners’ podium.


There is no sequel for this book, but the author does have many other books, some about horses.  Sonlight does use a few other of her books in readers and in HBL D and HBL F, so use them with caution, but all we have read are very well-written and well-researched.  


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