Michelangelo by Diane Stanley

Michelangelo by Diane Stanley

Michelangelo: Stanley, Diane, Stanley, Diane: 9780060521134: Amazon.com: Books

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Coloring Pages

1-Michelangelo’s birthplace

2-Medici Family

3-Painting the Sistine Chapel

4-Sculpture of Rachel

Page Videos and Activities: (as numbered in the guide)

1-Florence, Italy’s role in the Renaissance (14 minutes)

2-Michelangelo’s birthplace,

  how to pronounce his full name

4-Grammar schools in the Renaissance (6.5 minutes)

Artwork of Domenico Ghirlandaio, Michelangelo’s instructor (3.5 minutes)

7-How Michelangelo made Frescoes (5 minutes)

A more in-depth view of fresco painting (15 minutes)

Artwork at the Santa Maria Novella church 

Make your own fresco

8-Lorenzo de’ Medici (3 minutes)

11-Pope Leo X and Pope Clement VII’s House and a brief biography (3 minutes)

12-A look at some of the drawings of Michelangelo (warning: many nude drawings) (2 minutes) 

15-Piero the Unfortunate (1.5 minutes) Warning: Does refer to poisoning someone)

Girolamo Savonarola and the Bonfire of the Vanities (2.5 minutes)

  1. Pietà by Michelangelo (3 different videos at the bottom of the page)
  2. A Study on David (minimal nudity) (3 minutes)

21-Battle of the Titans

22-Pope Julius II

23-Laocoön and his sons (has nudity in the sculpture) (4 minutes)

25-Tragedy of the Tomb (5 minutes)

27-A look at Michelangelo’s lost bronzes (4 minutes)

28-Painting the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel (11 minutes)

30-Paint the ceiling activity for kids

31-3D tour of Sistine Chapel ceiling part 1 (7 minutes) (part 2 is down below)

Part 2 (5 minutes) (gets a little intense)

32-Moses (7.5 minutes)

35-Michelangelo’s Medici Chapel (6.5 minutes)

And Laurentian Library (8 minutes)

38-3D tour of Sistine Chapel ceiling Part 2 (5 minutes) (gets a little intense)

40-Some of Michelangelo’s Poems

41-Art activities

42-St. Peter’s Basilica (4 minutes)

45-A look at Michelangelo’s Pietàs, including his last known artwork, the Pietà Rondanini (7.5 minutes)


Diane Stanley, the author, has many other great books, but the one that goes most with this book is Leonardo Da Vinci. Sonlight uses other Diane Stanley books in this level, including Good Queen Bess and Peter the Great. 

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