Robin Hood

Fast and Easy Extension Activities for Tales of Robin Hood,

Retold by Tony Allen from Sonlight HBL C

Contains affiliate links. 


For this book, since it’s kind of hard to line things up by chapter, I’m going going to list a variety of resources by category. 


Coloring Pages:

Paper Dolls

Lapbooks and Unit Studies

  • This Unit Study is Over 100 Pages long, but if you scroll a ways down, you will find assorted worksheets (including things like crossword puzzles and notebooking pages) as well as some lapbook pages. It’s a treasure trove of printables.  

Crafts and Projects



Books (Listed in the back of the book, I haven’t read them all)

Videos (Listed in the back of the book, I haven’t watched them all)

Robin Hood: Men in Tights (1993)

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