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The Boston Massacre

Dates covered: 1770

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Boston Massacre: Five Colonists Killed by British Soldiers By the late 17s, few Americans still considered themselves British citizens, despite Britain’s determination to rule the colonies. This important time in American history is brought to life step-by-step in this look at a headline that changed the course of history. Level 4.5. Younger to Middle students. 

Crispus Attucks and the Boston Massacre (Jr. Graphic African-American History) Readers will discover that, even as a free man, Attucks fought for the equality of others. Uses the graphic format to show readers how this man lived out his heroic life and how he came to be a key figure in our struggle for independence in this graphic novel. Level 4.2. Middle students. 

For Liberty: The Story of the Boston Massacre By March 5, 1770, it was dangerous to be a soldier in Boston. Colonial businessmen opposed the taxes imposed by Great Britain. The Sons of Liberty ruled the city through boycotts and riots. British troops were sent to protect lives and property. On that late winter day, a British private found himself harassed by street toughs. Then up from the docks came sailors and ruffians armed with clubs and cutlasses. Soldiers from the British 29th Regiment of Foot came to disperse the mob. Threats made, stones thrown, then … gunfire. In spare, gripping language, author-illustrator Timothy Decker describes the tense, violent confrontation between Boston’s angry colonists and soldiers, as well as the legal aftermath that underscored the rule of law. Level 4.8. Picture book. For mature Younger and Middle students. 

John Adams and the Boston Massacre Why did one of the most prominent patriots of his time defend British soldiers for opening fire on a Boston mob? The answer to this probing question can be found in this thought-provoking book. Readers discover the facts behind the Boston Massacre, which ultimately left five colonists dead. The ensuing trial unfolds for readers with great tension, as Adams works to prove that patriots can be trusted to defend the human rights of all people. This story is presented in the style of a graphic novel, with engaging drawings to hold the interest of reluctant readers while teaching them about a very important time in American history. Graphic novel of this event, level 4.3

The Boston Massacre: An Interactive History Adventure Everything in this book happened to real people. And YOU CHOOSE what side you’re on and what you do next. The choices you make could lead you to survival or death. In the You Choose Books set, only YOU can CHOOSE which path you take through history. What will it be? Get ready for an adventure… Middle students, keep in mind this is a book about witnessing a “massacre,” so there might be some difficult content. Massachusetts. 

The Boston Massacre Cornerstones of Freedom series. Discusses the events leading up to the Boston Massacre, including the Sugar and Stamp Acts, and the aftermath of the massacre. Massachusetts. Middle students. 

The Boston Massacre Graphic Novel. Describes the Boston Massacre, the event when the American colonists believed that they had been treated and taxed unfairly for years by Great Britain, leading to a clash with British troops. Written in graphic-novel format.

The Fifth of March Long historical fiction, best suited for older children, as it covers a person witnessing events of the Boston Massacre as well as romantic elements, but a very good glimpse into the time period, level 5.7

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  • Boston Old State House (Part of the Freedom Trail).
    • The Old State House, Boston Massachusetts



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