Roanoke Homeschool Resources

Roanoke Homeschool Resources

American History years: 1585-1588

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Sonlight Selection:

American History Easy Make and Learn Books:

Books: Asterisks indicate my personal favorites

Note: I have given each book a category for age that I think they will most appeal to.  Many of these books will appeal to multiple age groups, so feel free to adjust as needed.

Younger to Middle Students

  • You Wouldn’t Want to be an American Colonist! A Settlement You’d Rather Not Start This interactive series invites young and reluctant readers to become the main character. Each book uses humorous illustrations to depict the sometimes side of life during important eras in history. Experience hard labor, drought, famine, and conflict with the Algonquians who are angry with you because you have fenced off their land. Level 4.5. Younger to Middle Students.
  • The Mystery of Roanoke, the Lost Colony What happened to the colony at Roanoke is one of America’s first unsolved mysteries. The facts that historians have pieced together are presented here in comic book format. Theories of what happened are elucidated as well, so readers can make their own judgments on what they think happened at Roanoke hundreds of years ago.

Middle Students

  • Roanoke Island: The Town that Vanished, nonfiction, but easy to read, level 5.1
  • The Secret of Roanoke Island: A History Mystery Describes the events surrounding the mysterious disappearance of the small group of English colonists who settled on Roanoke Island in 1587. Nonfiction. Middle students.
  • Virginia Dare: Mystery Girl Childhood of Famous Americans series, the story of the first English child born in the United States, who disappeared at Roanoke Colony. The story starts out with facts, but since no one knows what happened, it delves into imagining she was adopted by a Native American family and her life with them.  Middle students. 

Older Students

  • A Kingdom Strange, a high school level nonfiction story with lots of background and detail. North Carolina. 
  • Lost Colony of Roanoke Jean Fritz, longer nonfiction, makes a great read-aloud or reader, level 5.7
  • Raleigh’s Page Longer book for older children, level 4.7, 320 pages, covers some sensitive topics like teaching children to drug wine and drinks, or when men are starving they resort to eating their dogs, which are based on true events; historical fiction.
  • Roanoke: A Novel of the Lost Colony  An English youth and an Indian girl are caught up in the events leading to the mysterious disappearance of the colony at Roanoke Island. Historical fiction. Older students. 
  • Sir Walter Ralegh and the Quest for El Dorado nonfiction longer biography, but well written for older children, level 8.2

Spanish Armada 

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Movies (Longer than 30 minutes) (Also see Documentaries, Videos)

  • Roanoke Movie (A low-budget reenactment of the trip and settlement) on Amazon Prime ($$ to rent or buy)

Museums/Field Trips (including virtual):



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