Henry Hudson Supplements and Resources

Henry Hudson Supplements and Resources

Dates covered: 1607-1611

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Henry Hudson nonfiction, level 4.7

Henry Hudson (Jr. Graphic Famous Explorers) Graphic Novel. Henry Hudson was obsessed with finding a northern trade route to Asia. Readers will be engaged with illustrated details of his multiple attempts to find a passage and the fatal mutiny that caused Hudson’s disappearance. History remembers this great explorer and the places he traveled, by lending his name to the Hudson River, the Hudson Bay, and the Hudson Strait. Younger to Middle students.

Henry Hudson and the Murderous Arctic Mutiny Graphic Novel. English explorer Henry Hudson had long searched for a quicker, northern sailing route from Europe to Asia. Three previous expeditions had failed. In 1610, he embarked again to find the fabled Northwest Passage. But when icy waters stranded Hudson and the Discovery in a bay for the winter, tensions flared. The crew lost faith in their captain’s leadership and began to plot… mutiny! Told through the gripping, full-color graphic novel format, this Deadly Expeditions tale transports readers back in time to follow the fourth, and final, voyage of Henry Hudson. Level 3.7. Mature Younger to Middle students. Canada.

Henry Hudson: Seeking the Northwest Passage nonfiction, level 6.8

Travel with the Great Explorers: Explore with Henry Hudson nonfiction, magazine-style articles, level 6.0

The Story of Henry Hudson: Master Explorer A biography of the explorer whose search for a shorter route to the Far East led him to discover a bay, a strait, and a river on the northeastern coast of America.

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