Peter the Great by Diane Stanley

Peter the Great by Diane Stanley

Coloring Page 1 (Young Peter)

Coloring Page 2 (Russian Men’s Fashion Before Peter)

Coloring Page 3 (St. Petersburg, Russia)

Pages 4-12

  • Various artwork of Peter the Great (By Getty Images, as I could not find a site with nearly as many pieces of artwork in one collection). You can click on each image to find out more about it. 
  • There’s not a lot out there for children on the childhood of Peter the Great without giving major spoilers, but, the book does skip over his family and how he came to power.  He had multiple siblings, some of whom ruled before or with him.  Here is a chapter of another book that tells more about his sister and his siblings. The book does keep going, but I found the first chapter to be better than the second. In case your child is wondering what happens to the sister, after several more attacks, Peter came into his own as a ruler, and had his sister arrested and put under guard in a convent until she died 15 years later.  Please pre-read this for appropriateness, as some of it touches on a variety of topics, including violence.  It is mostly child-friendly, but you might want to edit some parts. It also brings to light why Peter liked to play at war. For some reason, the book lists his brothers as Theodore and John, the English translation (however unnecessary) of their Russian names, Feodor and Ivan. His sisters were named Sofia, Ekaterina, Maria, and Feodosia, and his full sister was Natalya. I mention this because it can be confusing to read about his brother John, only to hear his name as Ivan elsewhere. And it does not mention his siblings who all died in childhood.  In all, he had 15 siblings, some of whom lived as late as his older brother, the second crown prince in his family, Alexei, who died at age 15. 
  • What women’s fashion may have been like in Russia before Peter the Great (according to film). 
  • More glimpses of Russian fashion. 

Pages 13-24

Pages 25-end

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