Captain Nobody by Dean Pitchford

Captain Nobody by Dean Pitchford

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All the extras and activities I can think of for Captain Nobody. Arranged by chapter number. Contains affiliate links. 


  1. Help your child make a harder-than-usual breakfast. In the story, they made coffee, eggs, and sausage. Also, brainstorm with your child ways you all can make life a little easier for others.  
  2. Create your own Secret SuperHero Sketchbook, having your child think about who is their “inner other.” Encourage them to think about who they really are if they had no limits.  
  3. None
  4. Make plans to attend a hometown sports game. 
  5. A look inside an ambulance 
  6. Try spaghetti-O’s, lasagna, or pizza. Keep brainstorming different superheroes. 
  7. Help your child to explore costume ideas if they were to dress like their Secret SuperHero.
  8. Help your child select a SuperHero name. My eight-year-old selected “Great in God.”  
  9. None
  10. While this video might be too much for some children, other children might take comfort in the fact that safer and safer helmets are being developed to prevent the type of injury in this book, as well as other TBIs. 
  11. Visit a thrift store and rescue your own “second chance” item.
  12. Have your child brainstorm ways they can help a neighbor or church member. 
  13. Tour inside a hospital
  14. None
  15. Look online for some signs with bad grammar, and have your child see if they can find the mistake and see how to correct them. You will want to find signs of your own choosing, as many lists have some signs that might be questionable. 
  16. Milk and Cookies. Here is a Lepruchan story about why he hides his gold at the end of a rainbow. (Warning, does reference magic and wishes). 
  17. Amazing Ferrets
  18. We had a fun talk about how we can try to perform miracles, but only Jesus truly saves!! 🙂
  19. ((Warning: I’m not sure why the guide doesn’t come with a warning for this chapter) references suicide and suicide attempt, which might be difficult for anyone with a family member who has complete suicide or has any suicide survivors). The new suicide and crisis prevention hotline number is 988 (like 911, to make it easier to memorize), so you might wish to talk to any child with a history of depression about this option as they age. 
  20. None
  21. How the safety air cushion works (some sensitive students might find talk of fire and needing to be rescued hard)
  22. None
  23. Record your own news piece, perhaps celebrating something Jesus has done in their life that’s incredible. Have hamburgers and/or waffles. 
  24. Make gifts for people you appreciate. Host a parade. 


The author does have a couple of other books, it looks like 2 or 3, but I have yet to read any of them to give an opinion on them.  

This book is available as an audiobook.

 Some people created a play that is based on the book.

 A large variety of Captain Nobody-themed worksheets and pages. 

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