Wonderful Houses Around the World

Pp 2-5

Video of a modern-day family putting up a yurt

Yurt activity in HBL B Hands-On History Kit

Yurt Craft

Look inside a modern-day yurt

Pp 6-9

A look at Chinese Tulou homes (mentions live-action Mulan movie from Disney)

Pp 10-13

A look inside a Sumbanese Traditional House 

Pp 14-17

A look inside an Indian Bhunga House 

Pp 18-21

A fun look at Muramures culture and homes (although not exactly the ones in the book)

Pp 22-25

Tunisian underground homes

More photos

Pp 26-29

A look inside a Spanish cave house

Pp 30-33

A breathtakingly beautiful video of a Tambermian house, but the video is not in English. (A helpful commenter informed me it was in French. Thank you!)

Pp  34-37

A look around a Casamance home

Pp 38-41

A look at the Chipaya people, including their homes. In Spanish, but with English subtitles.

  1. I just wanted to update you that the Tambermian video is in French!

    Thank you for putting this together! It has been fabulous for us!!

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