Selvakumar Knew Better


“Tsunami! Run!” The bright December day dawns like any other, and the Ramakrishnan family goes about their daily business as usual. Their scruffy yellow dog, Selvakumar, however, feels something strange in the air. Soon, a low rumbling sound fills the village, and Papa climbs on the roof to see a wall of water rushing toward the shore. “Tsunami! Run!” The family scrambles to outrun the huge wave, but seven-year-old Dinakaran misunderstands. He runs toward his house by the shore, where he huddles in a corner for safety—separated from his family. But Selvakumar does not let him stay there. Barking, nudging, and dragging Dinakaran by his shirt, Selvakumar manages to convince the boy to flee from the house toward the hill where Mama and Papa have fled and are waiting, worrying about their eldest son. Award-winning author Virginia Kroll’s true story of a courageous and clever dog who saved a boy


s life during the devastating tsunami of 2004 is sure to touch the hearts of readers of all ages. Lush watercolors by Xiaojun Li bring alive the shores of the South Indian village where the story takes place. While the region is still struggling to recover from the disaster and families rebuild what they have lost, Selvakumar’s amazing story reminds us that, with the power of love and the strength it can provide, any obstacle can be overcome. Shen’s Books is proud to donate a portion of the proceeds from this book to the Tsunami Recovery Fund (see back flap for more information).