Pemba Sherpa

An exquisitely illustrated story wherein a brother and his younger sister face a life-threatening and life-changing landslide. Pemba and his younger sister Yang Ki both yearn for roles as guides and porters to the high country of the Himalayas. While such a goal is well within Pembaâ€


™s reach, his seven-year-old sister faces an obstacle, mainly because girls aren’t encouraged, let alone accepted, as porters or guides. As Pemba begins his predawn hike to gather firewood for their school, Yang Ki trails a few feet behind him, resolute in the face of this admonitions to remain at their hut. The trail is sharp, and loose rocks erupt into a landslide that leaves Pemba dazed and desperate for help. As he and Yang Ki resolve the peril of the landslide, both brother and sister reach beyond their perceived limitations to regain safety as well as alter viewpoints about societal roles.