Little Cat Hide and Seek Emotions


Little Cat Hide-and-Seek Emotions: A Playful Primer to Learn about Your Feelings helps young readers age 2–5 recognize and respond to emotions in themselves and others. The book introduces a range of emotions such as happy, angry, sleepy, anxious, and surprised. Each emotion is featured in a spread in the book, and each spread has a variety of illustrations with cats expressing different emotions. Children will match the emotion to the illustration that most closely represents it.

The book also offers children a chance to engage with their own emotions, asking such questions as “How about you? What makes you happy?” and “Whisper in Little Cat’s ear the name of someone you love.”


Children will enjoy engaging with the character of Little Cat as he experiences a wide range of emotions in this playful, interactive book. Originally translated from the French, Little Cat Hide-and-Seek Emotions is the first book in Sounds True’s Big Emotions series.