Elephant’s Big Solo


Everyone is excited about the chance to perform a solo in the class recital—except Elephant. How will she deal with her anxiety and stage fright? Elephant’s Big Solo is a warm and sensitive celebration of meeting life’s challenges while staying true to who you are. This picture book will be adored by fans of The Rabbit Listened and Little Elliot, Big City.

Elephant’s favorite class is music. She loves playing the French horn and performing with all her friends. But when Ms. Gator suggests that everyone play a solo at the school concert, Elephant hesitates. The thought of performing alone makes her heart race and her stomach twist.


Luckily, Elephant thinks of another way to perform a solo; one that allows her to shine alongside a full orchestra of her friends.

Sarah Kurpiel’s accessible text is pitch-perfect and her expressive artwork is irresistible. Elephant’s Big Solo explores social anxiety in a sensitive and thoughtful way, always assuring young readers that Elephant stays true to herself. Readers will applaud when Elephant gains the confidence to show her true talents. Elephant’s Big Solo is an excellent choice for social and emotional learning, as well as story-time sharing.