Gladys Aylward by Janet and Geoff Benge 

Gladys Aylward by Janet and 

Geoff Benge 

YWAM Publishing - CHRISTIAN HEROES: THEN & NOW<BR>Gladys Aylward: The Adventure of a Lifetime

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Chapter 1: Back up the Tracks

Chapter 2: Not Good Enough to Be a Missionary

Chapter 3: All Aboard

  • Jeanie Lawson (Mrs. Lawson) and her husband Dugald, have a powerful missionary story of their own.  
  • Spirit stoves are just stoves that use some kind of alcohol or a similar spirit. Here is an older kerosine stove to show as an example. 
  • If you happen to have a camping stove, consider having a meal made over it
  • Have some of the food Gladys packed for her journey: Canned meat and fish, baked beans, crackers, boiled eggs, tea

Chapter 4: It’s Missionary, Not Machinery

Chapter 5: The Knock on the Door

Chapter 6: The Road Ends Here

Chapter 7: Inn of Eight Happinesses

Chapter 8: Jesus on the Ark

  • Come up with your own confusing Bible story combinations
  • Scroll down on this page to find the “Free Extras section” for more Gladys-themed worksheets. 

Chapter 9: The Honorable Foot Inspector

Chapter 10: Ai-weh-deh

Chapter 11: Vehicles that Flew Like Insects

Chapter 12: All that You Are and All That You Do

  • Eat Plums
  • Photos and other info about Gladys (Scroll down to see more photos, there are a lot toward the bottom of the page) (You might wish to save the movie listed for later, I will put it after all the spoilers from the book have passed). 

Chapter 13: Read by Millions of People

Chapter 14: A Price on Her Head

Chapter 15: As Black as the Night

Chapter 16: Going Home


There is no sequel to this book, but many other wonderful missionary and other stories by the same authors, a handful of which are used in other Sonlight levels. 

Here is a book younger students might enjoy. Gladys Aylward: The Little Woman With a Big Dream

Gladys also partially wrote her own autobiography

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